We love visualizations 💖

We develop the inno.navi, with this product we create a completely new & unique visual content display of the software Git projects. ✅


This helps programmers to familiarize themselves much faster. 🕒


It also greatly simplifies the tedious project documentation. 🚀

problems in the software development:

Logo inno.Navi

The inno.navi creates a completely new visual content display, and improves the quality of documentation.

We enable our users to see software projects much easier and comprehensible to see and immediately understand.

visual documentation looking like system design

10x higher overview of your software projects


more Feedbacks on Trustpilot:

benefits & Features

>160 hours of working time saved per developer per year

(software project with 1200 files)

3x faster familiarization with new projects

(software project with 1200 files)

Thanks to C++ the inno.navi runs very fast

simplified time of exchange between users and developers

Run completely offline & guarantees maximum security


The final Version inno.navi v1.0 is a 10-day free trial Version.

If you would like to use the inno.navi Premium, please contact us. We will offer you  an optimal package.

We have developed the inno.navi as desktop software, which can be installed in addition to the IDE.

In the future, there will be a small plugin for each of the development environments – to improve the user experience even more.

The the inno.navi stores the documentation notes directly in the Git repository, in the subfolder “inno.navi”. So you can push to git, and co-worker can pull the notes.

Contact us. We are happy to implement more features and look forward to your requirements & feedback.

Do you employ software developers in your company and wonder if our software will be of any use to you? It depends. Let’s talk in a short meeting. 🙏We have a nice calculator that figure out the results based on a few questions.

Our Team: 💖

Bernd Homberg, CEO


Hakan Kazaz, CTO


Dominik Schmitt, CSO


Saeid Javani, C++ Dev.


Sharath Patlori, C++ Dev.


Ayman Alheraki, C++ Dev.


Johannes Lühr, Marketing Expert

Christian Schütte, CFO & VC Expert

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